Hi, we are Joyce from Kitchen Flavours, Lena from Frozen Wings and me, Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids.

What is Bake-Along?

We bake-along about twice a month. One will be a chosen recipe which we will provide the recipe if available, otherwise we will advise what to do. The other one will be based on a theme and everyone would bake according to the chosen theme.

For the specific recipe, we will either provide the source of the recipe or advise you what to do if you do not have the book.

For baking with a theme, we will announce the chosen theme and just bake anything along the theme.

All the upcoming bake-along posting dates are listed at our "Bake-Along" side bar of our blogs. You can post your Bake-Along food on the day itself or the next 10 days. You can either submit your link to the thumbnail linky provided in any one of our blogs or do a blog hop with us. The blog hop linky code will stay open for these 10 days.

How we started?

Joyce from Kitchen Flavours is the founder of our Bake-Along! LOL.

At first, she invited Lena to bake with her with the intention to maximise the use of our cookbooks and having lots of fun from baking together. Then, Lena invited me to join in and we became the the "three baker-teers".

Since May 2011, we have baking a lot together. Our Bake-Alongs have been really interesting and rewarding! Since then, I've learned a lot from Joyce and Lena and also lots from other food bloggers.

Is there any rules or restrictions for the Bake-Along?

There is NO rules on how many times you can bake with us... You can bake as many times as you like.

There is NO commitment, too... which means you can do this anytime when you like. 

There is NO members' list, just join in whenever you can. Please feel free to display our "Bake along" badge on your blog if you join us.


Like what Joyce says..."It's all free and easy!"

Here’s the HTML codes for our badge:

In 200 x 200 dpi: 

In thumbnail size: 

Just copy and paste the above HTML codes into your blog if you wish to display this badge.

IMPORTANT! Please take note these points if you wish to do a Bake-Along blog hop with us.

This blog hop is organised by Joyce from Kitchen Flavours, Lena, from Frozen wings and Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids. Please mention that you are publishing your post for our Bake-Along event and provide a link back to either one or three of us. Use of this code will not be allowed if links to any of our blogs is not included in your blog post.

All participating post must contain your own bake / food and it has to be cooked or baked accordingly to theme of this bake-along. If you are using a recipe from a book or website, please include title of the book or the link to the original recipe.

All submissions to this blog-hop must be current bakes and new posts, old posts are not accepted. Since we are widening our horizon on baking, we encourage everyone to do the same and have fun trying out new recipes.

What is a blog hop?

A blog hop is a network of bloggers who share a same linky list that can be published within all participating blogs. When you participate in a blog hop, you place this linky code in your blog post and the exact same linky list will appears on your blog.

Blog participants can submit their entries on any blog that contains the list and the entries will appear on each blog where the list resides. Blog readers that see the same list on each blog, and can hop from blog to blog visiting the same list of links and interests.

What can I gain from this participation?

Lots of fun and joy from Baking. And not forgetting friends like us. LOL. I would say these gains are priceless!

I really enjoy my bake-alongs with Joyce and Lena and I hope you can bake along with us too.

Happy Baking.

If you have other enquiries, please write to me via zoebakeforhappykids[at]gmail[dot]com

Please forgive me if I don't promptly answer your email. I'm a working mum and would like to dedicate most of my free time for my family. Besides, writing my blog and blogging can be time-consuming and would like seek your understanding for any late response. Otherwise, please feel free to leave comment on my blog, I am usually quick to respond via blogging.